“Better three hours too soon, than a minute too late.”

A Shakespearean tragedy

Tragedy can happen. The perishable trades are very “Shakespearean”. In fact, perishable is defined as an article that can lose its usefulness and value if not appropriately stored or transported, or if not utilized within certain period.

Within the fresh produce industry, we know that time constraints will always be an issue due to the constant supply and demand and the subsequent dynamics. There is a necessity of a speedy processing time, with excellent quality control measures are in place to meet the high standards clients expect. All this while hurdles or bottle-necks pop up, as a consequence of a number of known circumstances, ocurring during transportation . This happens at ports, in the storage facilities, during land or seaborne legs and, of course, when shifting transport modes within the cold chain.

Procuring and distributing perishables (that is, issuing them to stores or to the final customer) is a dynamic process that usually takes place under extreme time pressure and requires a lot of experience. The freshness and appearance of the products directly influence sales. It is therefore essential that the time between producing and selling the goods is as short as possible. Logistics play a role : No good logistics, no food!

Dealing in perishables means having to work with considerable fluctuations every day. Often the weather conditions greatly influence demand, prices, and the quantities delivered. Well-trained, experienced professionals are indispensable for ensuring that the quality of the produce and consequently potential sales do not suffer. In Easyfresh we are ready to serve our customers at maximum standards and without any tragedy  at all!


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