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An avocado’s shelf-life now is only two days by revolutionary technique!

Two days of extra shelf life is being given to ripe avocados which can quickly spoil, becoming black and squishy.

A packaging innovation that involves running them through a beam of shortwave ultraviolet (UV) light to kill off bacteria spores mean they keep for longer.

And they are being packaged in a revolutionary film with tiny microscopic holes, which creates a controlled atmosphere that stalls ripening.

Two days of extra shelf life is being given to ripe avocados which can quickly spoil, becoming black and squishy. Ultraviolet lights during the packaging process can extend the super fruits’ life

The combination of the two means that perfectly ripe avocados have an extra two days of shelf life, promising to reduce the number thrown away.

The avocado has become something of a food phenomenon, yet it is notoriously difficult to keep and eat at the peak of its ripeness.

The new UV ‘cleaning’ process and so-called modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for avocados has been developed by a company called Greencell, based in Lincolnshire, who supply Tesco and Waitrose.

The company follows the seasons around the globe, sourcing avocados from Spain, Israel and California through Peru and South Africa, to meet Briton’s insatiable demand.

A spokesman said: ‘We have recognised the importance of maintaining fruit quality while reducing potential spoilage and wastage for a number years.

‘As such we have been conducting a number of extensive trials on avocado, over a number of years, using different technologies in an effort to achieve this aim.

‘We are happy to announce that extensive studies have been concluded, identifying that the use of UV in combination with MAP significantly extends the life and quality of ripe and ready to eat avocados.’

Avocado expert at Tesco, Mike Corbett, said: ‘Avocados have recently soared in popularity as a healthy snacking food but frustratingly, once ripe, they can deteriorate fairly quickly.

‘This fantastic new packaging will help cut down on food waste by offering customers up to an extra two days of storage time.’

The avocados will go on sale in 1300 Tesco stores and will be sold in a ‘ripe and ready to eat’ twin pack format, priced from £1.89. The company stressed the new packaging does not involve any increase in the use of plastic.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

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