Happiness inspires productivity. Make it happen.

2018: Do business & be happy!

Welcome to another challenging new year ahead! You’ve probably already made your resolutions for 2018, but if not, we suggest a renewed commitment to finding happiness and satisfaction in your chosen business lifestyle. After all, most of us spend more hours in this role than any other. We suggest you try the following recommendations from […]

Wisdom is the success of modern business.

The quality of the cold chain. Wisdom is a must

If your company works with temperature controlled cargoes, the quality of your cold chain system will define the quality of your products overall. Even if you’re sourcing the most valuable product, if it is stored wrongly during the following cold chain process, that value will be lost. At Easyfresh we know this can be a […]

This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change.

2018: The turning point for liner shipping?

How much has really changed and how much is likely to change are timely questions to ask as 2018 begins, following the wild ride of the top container carriers shrinking by eight in two years and heralding the potential — but still only that — for a different industry to emerge. A perfect industry would […]

The e-commerce industry is a force that no investor can afford to ignore.

Global online grocery market grows 30%

The ‘Future of E-Commerce in FMCG’ study found that e-commerce now accounts for 4.6% of all FMCG sales, with online channels contributing 36% of FMCG growth globally. Online FMCG outpaced the overall FMCG market in the 12 months to March 2017, with sales of groceries through e-commerce platforms growing by 30%, compared with an overall market increase […]

Peace is costly. For sure more than potatoes.

Potatoes for peace: how the humble tuber stopped conflicts in Europe

A new study says the introduction of potatoes and the resultant increase in productivity “dramatically reduced conflicts” both within and between states for some two centuries The humble potato—drought-resistant, able to thrive in diverse soils, and enjoyed fried, steamed or baked—brought centuries of relative calm and prosperity to Europe after its introduction in the 16th […]

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