Wisdom is the success of modern business.

The quality of the cold chain. Wisdom is a must

If your company works with temperature controlled cargoes, the quality of your cold chain system will define the quality of your products overall. Even if you’re sourcing the most valuable product, if it is stored wrongly during the following cold chain process, that value will be lost. At Easyfresh we know this can be a huge stress for our customers, and that’s why we offer a comprehensive range of reefer logistics services to make sure that your goods are protected during storage, shipping and transportation.

We deal with products including fruit, mea, seafood, pharmaceuticals, processed foods, dairy, poultry, and even the life-saving blood and plasma that must be safely moved between blood banks and hospitals. And each of these products has its own temperature and storage requirements; some are more sensitive to temperature changes, some are less, so our cold chain services are geared to take this into account.

Our mates, being all of them cold chain experts begin at different stages of your existing cold chain, depending on the individual needs and focuses on your business. Its current systems and offers adequate and suitable logistics alternatives. For example, we could begin with temperature mapping at the location of your cold storage facilities, such as refrigerated warehouses or refrigerated vans.

Likewise we provide a number of inland logistics, customs and shipping services. Amongst them we offer shipping validation services from third parties’ or our in-house suite of temperature testing chambers. Here we simulate a range of environments that your products could undergo during transportation. This kind of validation is especially important for businesses with global reach or connections.

All in all, we have the range of services to satisfy your cargo and business’ needs.

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