“Motivation is the catalyzing ingredient for every successful innovation.”

Chilean fruit exports to China growing fast

Chilean fruit exports to China and Hong Kong grew by almost 3 per cent last season, consolidating the market’s position as the second most important destination for Chilean fruit after the US. China-Hong Kong received 464,709 tonnes of fruit last season, up from 249,337 tonnes in 2014/15. Presenting the official figures for 2019/20 this week, […]

“No single person can do everything. No tool can do anything without a person!”

We are not numbers ! Why empathy is good for the transport business.

The future in the shipping and logistics industry is about empathy and skilled persons, not coding or numbers ! Technology, barcodes, QRs, etc and other innovations are TOOLs to develop business. Some of these are not helping to bridge the gap between humans, those being shippers, consignees or ouserlves as logisticians when dealing with them […]

“Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.”

First apples arrived from Serbia to India

IG International, India’s largest fresh fruit importer, has entered into an association with COPA- Cooperative of Pannonian Apples, Serbia’s leading global apple exporter, to get the taste of Serbian Apples into India for the very first time. Serbia is a large producer and exporter of quality fruits and vegetables, and many Agricultural goods. Serbia has […]

“Knowledge has a beginning but no end.”

Why knowledge in logistics is the best journey of your life

For the first time, the public has been inundated with daily news reports, press briefings, and political commentary about “the supply chain.”, though probably not that many specifically about the  “cold chain”, our only focus and business arena. While the discovery of our field has highlighted the significance of the cold chain, many pundits consistently […]

“The progress is when you combine the knowledge with real world actions.”

First Hass avocado from Honduras to Spain will be send in November

National Avocado Plan aims to have 4,000ha of production within the next three years Honduras is to carry its first out trial shipments of Hass avocados to Spain next month. According to the Avocado Producers Association of Honduras (ASPAH), two containers of the fruit will leave for Spain on 15 November. The pilot is part […]

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