12th May 2022

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Chile’s salmon exports surpassed USD 5 billion in value in 2021

Chilean shipments of salmon and trout totaled USD 5.18 billion (EUR 4.56 billion) in 2021 thanks to steady increases in demand throughout the year. Easyfresh Chile with its own offices in Santiago and Puerto Montt, led to a strong activity in the logistics of Chilean fish and other perishables exported all over the...

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“If everyone is moving forward together, than success takes care of itself.”


Egyptian grapes season kicks-off

It’s only a little while longer until the Egyptian grape season kicks off and the volumes should be higher than they were last year. Production has increased and more markets are available to the Egyptian exporters, which makes it a promising outlook on the season. Growers are also investing in higher value varieties to supply...

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"Opportunities don't happen. You create them."


Cambodian Mango Industry Looks to South Korea

On May 3, Cambodia’s Minister of Commerce Pan Sorasak urged South Korean businesses to invest in export-oriented processing facilities in Cambodia for fruit and other agricultural products. The minister also pledged to streamline bureaucratic procedures and help interface with government agencies, which came during a meeting with the Korean Importers Association, according to a report in the ...

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