“History teaches us many things. Most importantly, the things that made us who and what we are.”

America; the gateway to Asia

In 1521 a Spanish expedition led by the Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan was the first known crossing of the Pacific Ocean, who then named it the “peaceful sea”. Starting in 1565 with the voyage of Andres de Urdaneta and for the next 250 years, the Spanish controlled the transpacific trade with the Manila galleons that crossed from Mexico to the Philippines and vice versa, until 1815. Other expeditions from Mexico and Peru discovered various archipelagos in the North and South Pacific. In the 17th and 18th centuries, other European powers sent expeditions to the Pacific, namely the Dutch Republic, England, France, and Russia.

Several expeditions were sent from South America across the Pacific Ocean in the 16th and early 17th centuries. They all used the southern trade winds. In 1567/68 Álvaro de Mendana de Neira sailed from Peru to the Solomon Islands. In 1595 he tried again and reached the Santa Cruz Islands (eastern Solomons toward Fiji). He died there and the survivors reached the Philippines. In 1606 Pedro Fernandes de Queiros reached Vanuatu south of the Solomons. He continued exploring and eventually sailed back to Mexico. One of his separated ships under Luis Vaz de Torres sailed west and discovered the strait that bears his name sighting the northern tip of Australia.

In general, it is very nice to read history. There are marvellous and epic facts that initiated the path of our today’s business trends. A lot happened in the past, setting the base for the existing commercial relationships between Asia and America, which  are strongly increasing, remarkably in fresh and frozen trades or food, in general . For example :

Chile & China : Fruit industry leaders in Chile and China agreed to reinforce trade ties earlier this year. The Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX) and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for the Import and Export of Food and Native Products (CCCFNA) reportedly inked the deal to boost cargo trades together with the exchanges of technology and technical expertise.

Panama & India : Panama is a gateway for Indian companies to the “Americas” as it has signed  free trade agreements with USA, Canada and other American countries. There is tremendous opportunity for India’s bilateral trade to grow in both directions.

Peru & Japan . Peru’s produce exports are boosting worldwide. This includes Japan. Peru is nowadays as a major provider of quality fresh produce to Japan.

The above comes together with the Ecuatorian banana exports or the seafood from Chile to all Asia or even the Central American (Honduras, …)  as major suppliers of shrimps to Taiwan., Korea and other Asian countries. Cargo flows are emulating, in a way, those past extremely challenging expeditions in the Pacific, regardless if wetbound or eastbound. Trends are positive and cargo needs specialised logistics. This is the exact point where Easyfresh can play a key role. Therefore we are organizing 20th-21st October our first Easyfresh American Region meeting. We are not pioneers, but surely good sailors in the reefer logistics industry


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