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In Berlin without a stand: trend or a one off?

Yesterday, the Staay Food Group announced that after 14 years, they won’t be participating in the Fruit Logistica. Is this a one off or will it become a trend? We asked a number of permanent exhibitors at the fair in Berlin. Ger van Burik who takes care of stand arrangement of the Holland Fresh Group in hall 3.2 mostly sees it as a one off. “In recent years it has been said many times that the fair is past its peak, but it still grows every year. For the coming year, eight exhibitors have dropped out, but 21 new companies will take their places.”

The companies who have chosen not to be exhibitors in the Holland hall this year are Agro Merchants Group, Bresc, Cela Vita, Holland Green Machine, Van der Plas Sprouts, Qualino and Toff. “Some of them have chosen to be active as exhibitors once every two years,” Ger says. Exhibitors who are new in the Holland hall compared to last year are Cool Fresh International, Fruvo, Greenco, G. Kramer, STC, Verhoeckx, Verstegen Kruiden and a number of horticultural suppliers

Nic Jooste of Cool Fresh International says the participation as exhibitor at the Fruit Logistica is 100 per cent certain. “The success at the fair is the result of six months of dedicated effort in advance. ‘Pre-expo marketing’ makes all the difference regarding appointments with current and potential customers. Besides, the location at the fair decides whether you’ll make good ‘walk-in’ contacts. The importance of propagating the right message and showing what your company stands for and what your advantages are compared to competition are also very important.”

For Royal ZON, participation at the fair isn’t certain at all, according to Jos Caubo. “We evaluate each year’s participation after the fair, by asking each member of the stand crew about their experiences. The fact is that (turnover) results are always difficult to measure after participation, but so far, we’ve always decided to go based on evaluations in advance. ZON will also be present in Berlin in 2019.”

“Berlin is an expensive fair, and it’s always a lot of money to have a stand there. The old saying says you throw out half of each euro spent on promotion, but you never know which half. In any case, participating in this fair is an ideal opportunity to talk to many (new) customers in just a few days, and if you have to do that on an individual basis, by visiting, travelling and making appointments, it also costs much time and money,” Jos explains.

The Best Fresh Group also has the intention of continuing with the Fruit Logistica in coming years. “We see this fair as an opportunity to talk to many customers, suppliers and potentials. Besides, it’s a chance to show new products and ideas to customers, and assess their responses,” says Ildi van Wingerden. “It’s always difficult to precisely decide the ratio between costs and results. Fruit Logistica is an expensive fair, both the costs of the stand and the crew. But for us it’s an effective and efficient way to speak to many customers in little time. We’re an international company with international customers. Besides, the companies of the Best Fresh Group have many suppliers in many parts of the world. This fair gives us the chance to speak to many of them.”

Fruit Attraction

Nic Jooste experiences the coming Fruit Attraction in Madrid as very positive. “The fair somehow feels much less hectic than in Berlin. As importer focussed on import from the Southern Hemisphere, timing is favourable as well. Various negotiations regarding the coming year take place in Madrid. We’ve decided to once again be present at Fruit Attraction with a stand.”

ZON has so far never participated at Fruit Attraction. “But it’s definitely also interesting for us to visit the fair, because of the cooperation with Spanish cooperatives when auctioning Spanish product in winter months,” Jos says. Ildi van Wingerden says the fair is mostly more accessible. “This is a good fair for participation particularly for our office in Spain, but compared to Fruit Logistica in Berlin it’s less interesting. It’s more appealing regarding costs.”

According to Jos Caubo, the position of Berlin isn’t under pressure. “It’s very strong, I won’t soon expect a shift because one or some exhibitors dropped out.” Ildi van Wingerden is of the same opinion. “I think Fruit Logistica will retain its position for now.” Nic Jooste concludes: “I think Fruit Logistica will retain its position of having the most visitors, but Fruit Attraction and other smaller – more congress-like events – will definitely start growing.”


Source: https://www.freshplaza.com

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