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Brazil and Canada are importing increasingly more Egyptian citrus

The difficulties encountered by Egyptian citrus exporters in Asia, due to the Red Sea crisis, are driving them to explore other markets, says Amr Kadah, Export Manager of Fruit.Farm.

“The Asian market is a major destination for Egyptian citrus, alongside the Gulf countries, Europe and Russia,” says Kadah. “We have put a lot of effort into finding alternative destinations to the East Asian market and China. Fortunately, we’re being helped by very good quality this year, with sizes significantly superior to those of last year’s, and also volumes that are increasing from season to season.”

 “We’re noticing that two new markets are particularly dynamic and pulling in significant volumes this season, namely Brazil and Canada,” adds Kadah.

Egypt faces competition from Spain, Turkey, and Morocco in most of its markets, but has benefited from milder weather conditions in recent years, and a more competitive price. Kadah says, “Our oranges currently sell for USD 400-450/tonne FOB, and arrive in Europe at USD 600 or less. These prices are very advantageous for customers.”

The exporter concludes, “At Fruit.Farm, we are currently marketing Valencia oranges, Murcott, Adalia lemons, and mandarins, and wish fair winds to all our colleagues.”

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