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CARREFOUR launches new format stores: fresh fruit and vegetable banner

Carrefour has just announced the opening of its first two Potager City* stores in Paris. Their aim is to cater to the essential food needs of city-dwellers with a range of high-quality fresh produce on sale at fair prices. This new local format is in addition to the range of fruit and vegetable baskets that Potager City has been offering online for 10 years, and further bolsters Carrefour’s position as France’s leading local food retailer

With this new format, Carrefour Proximité is seeking to prioritise taste with a wide variety of products, including ultra-fresh ones and products via short distribution channels whereby they are purchased directly from producers at the Rungis hub.

The stores will place the emphasis on fruit and vegetables: they will sell as many as 100 different products over more than 50% of the total sales area. A significant share will be seasonal fruit and vegetables – that way, customers can purchase them at optimal prices. This range will be supplemented – depending on the store – by a selection of:

  • grocery products in partnership with Omie & Cie, a company which promotes regenerating farming** (up to 170 items)
  • wines (approximately 40 products) in partnership with Le Petit Ballon
  • fresh self-service products, such as cheeses, dairy products, meats and ultra-fresh products (around 230 products).

Customers will also be able to pick up baskets of fruit and vegetable from Potager City stores that they have ordered directly from the retailer’s e-commerce website.

With this new format, we want to defend the values of sharing, authenticity and food delicacies – values which give impetus to local production in many regions. To do this, we have focused on a carefully chosen selection which showcases the raw product – we have sought the right producer, the right refiner and the right partner, and we put the products on sale at the right time and at the right price. Potager City is where customers can unearth little treats – the concept is underpinned by a powerful belief in our regions and in local expertise!says Benoît Soury, the Carrefour Group’s Convenience and Organic Market Executive Director

Support certified sustainable products

Potager City wants to meet the aims of consumers keen to enjoy a healthy diet. This means more than just eating organic: it now means short distribution channels, sourcing products locally and selling products made using sustainable farming practices. The banner will help the Group meet its aim of having certified sustainable products accounting for €8 billion of its income. This is in line with Carrefour’s 2026 strategic plan.

In addition to the rue de Tolbiac and rue de Seine stores, a third retail outlet will open in Paris at the end of March. Following these initial openings in the first quarter of 2023, the Group will make a decision about how it wants to expand this new banner as part of Carrefour Proximité.

Source; https://www.carrefour.com

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