“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

“Chile is one of the few countries to have all its fruits approved for entry into China”

In the Chinese market for Chilean peaches and apricots during the current 2023/2024 season, the Frutas de Chile country brand stands out. According to Iván Marambio, president of Frutas de Chile, “In 2023, we believe that our fresh fruit advanced in positioning and new markets. For example, we achieved the opening of the Chinese market for our peaches and apricots, exports that we will begin this season.”

Not only is Chile active in China, but several other Asian markets are also enjoying their basket of fruit exports. “This opening consolidated us as one of the few countries to have all its fruits approved for entry into China. We have also made positive progress in the negotiations for the entry of other of our fruits into other Asian markets. In Indonesia we are making progress in the entry of our citrus (fresh lemons), in Vietnam of our fresh kiwis, in South Korea of our fresh plums and in Japan of our fresh apples. As Frutas de Chile we had the opportunity to participate in the visits and meetings of the Chilean Government with the authorities of these countries, which shows the strong public-private partnership,” explains Marambio.

New Frutas de Chile name
“This year also saw the beginning of a new stage for our association under the name “Frutas de Chile”, which not only better identifies our work and our country, but will also accompany us in all the actions we will carry out in Chile and the world. It will be the brand that will accompany each of our fruits in international markets and in our promotional actions. We believe that “Frutas de Chile” gives us strength by making us visible as producers and exporters of fresh fruits,” states Marambio.

He says despite the weather related challenges, especially for Chilean cherries and blueberries, they will keep the focus on harvesting and exporting the best quality available. “With respect to our new 2023-2024 export season, which is just beginning, we are optimistic and believe it will be positive, despite the adverse weather effects that affected the early blueberry and cherry varieties, because as the harvests progress and export volumes grow, we will ship volumes very similar to the previous year,” concludes Marambio.

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Source; https://www.freshplaza.com

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