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COSTA RICA: the perfect combination of quality, diversity and tropical agricultural products

The unique essence of Costa Rica’s fresh produce is the result of the tropical climate, the richness of the soils and the talent of the farmers, which is enhanced through research and public-private partnerships that foster innovation in their practices.

For its part, the agricultural sector of this Central American country has more than 135 years of experience harvesting a wide diversity of fresh fruits and vegetables. Costa Rican agricultural production is able to stand out in international markets for its flavor and color, but also for its certified quality and excellent production processes.

Some of the categories that Costa Rica offers to the world from the bowels of its land are:

– Tropical fruits: such as pineapple, bananas, mango, coconuts, melon and watermelon.

– Exotic fruits: we harvest unique fruits, with nutritional and antioxidant properties that both fresh and processed are gradually becoming an alternative in ethnic markets such as rambutan, pitahaya, pomegranates, mangosteen, papayas, among others. 

– Vegetables: such as chayote, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, among others.

– Roots and tubers: we share with the world the benefits of roots and tubers such as cassava, sweet potato, yam, eddoes, malanga, ginger, taro, turmeric, yam, among others.

– Plants, flowers and foliage: we enjoy the privilege of having a wide biodiversity, which allows us to offer the rest of the world more than 200 varieties of plants and more than 1,200 varieties of flowers and foliage.

In terms of quality, the Costa Rican agricultural sector complies with the highest quality standards and certifications required by the countries that consume them. For example: Good Agricultural Practices, GlobalG.A.P., Rain Forest Alliance, Primus Labs, Organic, etc.

And despite the challenges brought by the pandemic and all the changes that the world has recently experienced, the conviction to develop business with purpose through innovation, talent and sustainability remain as part of the premises with which the export sector of Costa Rica generates connection with the world in search of prosperity.

The crisis of recent years has undoubtedly shown that Costa Rica is a resilient country, eager to move forward and with an innovative, solid and diversified export sector, which, at the end of 2021, had a record growth of 24% in exports of goods, reaching the figure of $14,553 million, or $2,858 million more than in 2020. This 24% was the largest increase in the last 15 years in the country.

Particularly in the agricultural sector, in addition to pineapple (+12%), there was growth in exports of other products such as ornamental plants (+31%) and frozen fruits (+42%); as well as other exotic products such as mango (+65%), coconut (+144%), chayote (+11%), yucca (+5%), tiquisque (+46%), yampí (+145%) and ñampí (+13%), which shows a solid diversification of Costa Rica’s agricultural offer.

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Source; https://www.ifema.es

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