“Keep calm with your company’s digitalisation process and stay with the team.”

Be a “digital rebel” in logistics: Prioritize talent!

Complexity of modern transport and logistic is a fact, but likewise and excuse. In a rather “classic” vision PwC reports there is no doubt that the transport and logistics sector is undergoing an important transformation as new technological solutions come into everyday use, driven by market trends. PwC states the obvious : At no point in recent history have we witnessed such a large degree of political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal changes influencing this segment of the economy.

With a totally opposite vision and possibly in an unorthodox way, there is another rising trend of “digital rebels”within the shipping and logistics arena : Talent is a differentiator and a business builder. In fact, in our opinion, both trends should be compatible, as long as common sense takes the lead. The increasing pace of market change led, in a way, by the digitalisation of business should prioritize the obtention of talent, a proper training of the staff and their motivation.

The digitalisation “wave”, should not hide the real Nr 1 priority, which is the team itself, together with the company objectives. Both come together. Digitalisation should be observed as a tool for it, and not the opposite way.

As complexity of modern transport and logistics grows, it is more and more difficult to understand what should be the short vs long term focus and what to invest in.Too many options, too much newity , too many risks. Therefore, no doubt; the role of people in shipping and logistics companies is the clue!


Source: https://www.pwc.pl

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