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European orange shortages provide an opportunity for Turkish exporters

The Turkish citrus season is in full swing, and although the situation is different per product, overall it seems to be a pretty good season. For Lemons, the first big season is about finished, Esra Soyleyen, managing partner of Turkish fruit exporter Aksun states: “On volume levels we do not have any over production for lemons, but their calibers are very strong, there aren’t a lot of small fruits, which puts Turkey in a strong position for the retailer programs. Availability and prices are also very stable. So, we were able to do long term planning with the customers. The Enterdonato season finished with approximately 25 per cent higher sales than in the previous year, which is a good sign.”

“Now, it’s time to do Lamas lemons. Compared to the previous year, Lamas is approximately 20 per cent shorter on volumes, but the quality is still strong and sizes as well. Therefore, we are expecting a good season until the end of the Turkish lemons season. Last year, we kept delivering lemons up until the end of April, but I think that this season will finish earlier, as some regions have also been affected by the hail damage caused about ten days ago.”

For mandarins Aksun also hopes to increase the export levels significantly, Soyleyen explains. “All mandarin varieties are having great season on quality, availability and price levels as well. We start season with Satsumas, then Novas. Novas will be over by the end of week 52, and from the first days of 2024 we’ll be delivering new mandarin varieties like Tangos. The taste, color and sizing of the fruit is also excellent and we’ve already filled the season with deliveries of mandarins up until week 10 of 2024. If there will not be any unexpected weather conditions in winter, our plan is increase our export volumes by a minimum of 30 per cent.”

According to Soyleyen, younger European consumers are less interested in the grapefruit category. Thankfully this drop in demand is covered by other markets: “For both early and late grapefruit varieties, production and quality are good. Sales are more stable, which is good because in the last five years we’ve seen a small drop in sales, but only in Europe. I would say it’s not an interesting product for new generation, they prefer more sweet products like easy peelers or oranges. But because we cover many other alternative markets this season, our grapefruits sales are much more higher than previous years, with the help of overseas sales.”

A gap in the European market has appeared due to the orange shortages, which gives real opportunity to Aksun, Soyleyen says. “Oranges are the most challenging product for Turkey, as for many years now most of the orange volumes are not going to Europe. This has to do with Spain, Greece and even Egypt are always stronger on prices. But because of the current shortage, we find a very strong place in the market. And it has been the best year since 2015 for the Aksun oranges. Needless to say, we are super happy with oranges this year, both for large sizes and also the 2kg net supermarket promotions.”

“Currently we do have a 31.000 m2 closed compact factory with 40 cold rooms as Aksun and this gives us a very strong harvest and storage advantage. Before rains or possible risk of hail and frost, we are able to harvest over 8.000 tons which puts us in a very strong position as suppliers, because our stocks are always available to do long terms contracts with customers,” Soyleyen concludes.

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