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First trial shipment of Polish apples finds its way to Taiwan

Polish apples have found their way to the Taiwanese market for the very first time. A trial shipment was sent and received a couple of days ago. Although it’s too late in the season to start sending huge volumes to the new market right away, one exporter hopes they can start learning of the preferences of the Taiwanese consumer. This would mean they can start sending more containers in the new season of 2021.

A Polish fruit exporter Galster managed to send its first trial shipment of apples to Taiwan. According to Mateusz Wajnert, head of sales for the company, the Taiwanese customer received the trial shipment last Wednesday: “We’ve managed to send Polish apples to Taiwan recently, which is the first time in history that Polish apples find their way to this destination. Last Wednesday, the 9th of December, the first trial box with apples from our orchards, containing Gala Royal apples. After the arrival the produce was checked for flavor and feedback has been positive. This means the next thing on our list is to send an actual container shipment to Taiwan and find some good cooperation with Taiwanese fruit importers.”

Although the shipment was received well, it’s a little late in the season to start shipping large volumes. Wajnert hopes their hard work will pay off in the 2021 season. “It’s been a lot of hard work, wading through a series of phytosanitary documents, but we hope this will all be worth it in the end. We would like to slowly start, trying a couple of containers to get to know the expectations of our Taiwanese customer a little better. Hopefully next season there’ll be a chance to send larger volumes of Polish apples to Taiwan.”

Getting this deal done was a little different from usual, as inviting the potential customer over in person wasn’t an option. Wajnert states it wasn’t too much of a problem: “The coronavirus luckily didn’t affect setting up this trade too much. Most of the conversations that we had with the Taiwanese customer took place via video conference or other digital communicators. Naturally the video conference was the preferred option, as it’s better to sort of be face to face with a potential customer. For sure it’ll be a lot better once we can actually have our customer visit Poland and vice versa, so let’s hope this is a possibility after a couple of months.” He concludes.

If you want to export Polish apples to Taiwan, please contact sales.poland@easyfresh-logistics.com & sales.taiwan@easyfresh-logistics.com


Source: FreshPlaza

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