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For the first time, the public has been inundated with daily news reports, press briefings, and political commentary about “the supply chain.”, though probably not that many specifically about the  “cold chain”, our only focus and business arena. While the discovery of our field has highlighted the significance of the cold chain, many pundits consistently show a lack of understanding. This creates a complicated set of challenges and opportunities for the business field going forward. We are in a pivotal moment that calls for us to implement our business model and subsequently to educate, firstly our team, the public, industry related colleagues, and even the policymakers about the foundations, decisions, and impact of managing cold chains the way we do. The challenge resides in explaining how operational decisions are often grounded in balancing tradeoffs while satisfying customer needs, which is radically different than the orthodoxy and absolutism we perceive in media and supply chain mainstream politics today (ports, customs and phytosanitary authorities, rulers, shipping lines, etc…). But this opportunity should not be wasted—our customers, suppliers, friends and followers must embrace our mission to generate and disseminate “good reefer logistics knowledge” that highlights and advances the cold chain management discipline and business as a whole.

The above leads us necessarily to the 2018 issued book “Reefer Shipping and Logistics”. It starts with and underlines, that today’s cold chain logistics can’t be understood without knowing the origin of reefer shipping :  “In 2020, this scene wouldn’t be uncommon, but imagine in 1868, when the closest avocado orchard is an ocean’s length away, ice is months out of season and the demand for meat in the United Kingdom far exceeds the available supply”. How could you sort out this problem? An incipient reefer shipping industry was the clue. Thereafter the appearance of the reefer container, the dominance of the temperature controlled road freight and the growing coldstorage space led to cold chain solutions driven by experts like EASYFRESH. To add an even broader view, a second book is being drafted and shall be distributed during 2021. Cited new book is being developped together with the reputed German publishers ERLING Verlag GmbH & Co. and the support and contribution of the Dutch Wageningen University.

“Reefer Shipping & Logistics” by Ekaterina Fefelova for Plymouth University , History, trends and future of the logistics of perishable goods can be downloaded in PDF format from our website for free . Click here : https://easyfresh-logistics.com/downloads/Reefer%20Shipping%20&%20Logistics.%20Ekaterina%20Fefelova,%20Easyfresh.pdf


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