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Koper port : 50 years handling perishables

A glorious past. And tomorrow’s expectations ?? The port of Koper and Easyfresh are bullish on the future of ocean freight and its related spezialized logistics for fresh produce, other foodstuffs and all type of temperature controlled cargoes.

Luka Koper has many years of experience in handling highly perishable goods with reliable and high-quality services at Koper’s Reefer Terminal. Said facility is the fastest developing reefer terminal in the North Adriatic. It is providing a flexible client-oriented service,  rendering a wide range of cold-chain solutions. The terminal is working 24/7/365 and in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, BSOHSAS, EFQM, HACCP and ECO standards.

The synergies and smooth coordination with the neighbouring Container Terminal,is ensuring priority in delivery of arrived reefer containers directly to the coldstore for immediate stripping.

The Port of Koper has the status of a Border Inspection Post (BIP) for goods bound to the EU. Most of the goods are customs cleared prior delivery to final receivers throughout Europe,including UK and Scandinavia. Regular deliveries are made even to Moscow. Customs formalities and inspection controls are effectively organised to allow smooth deliveries of arrived goods DURING WEEKENDS like any other working day. The Koper port improved road and rail connections with the hinterland markets, excellent cooperation with Easyfresh and other Koper port community players are enabling the port to continue its growth as the container leader in Adriatic sea, the “gate to Europe”.

Nowadays, Luka Koper major reefer cargo flows are :

From Israel: ✓ peppers, citrus, avocado, fresh cut flowers, pomegranates, frozen dates & vegan foodstuffs

To Israel & Jordan: ✓ apples

From Egypt: ✓ sweet potatoes, spring onions, mandarins, navel oranges and frozen strawberries ✓ new from this week: early potatoes

To Egypt: ✓ apples

Other reefer traffics hadled in Koper : Bananas (including ripening), beverages, juices, etc …and (NEW!) Chinese pomelo

Moreover, it is important to add, that ports constitute a key economic activity in coastal areas. The higher the throughput of goods year-on-year, the more infrastructure, provisions and associated services are required and developped. This is obviously positively affecting Koper’s local economy , infrastructures and its vast European hinterland.

Getting better : Fresh produce and food markets keep expanding globally. Koper port and Easyfresh are well aware of it. Our collaboration allows to offer, all over the world, smart multimodal solutions to the bigger, but demanding and complex fresh produce and food industries.

Shipping lines and customers be aware of it & “get better” with us ! Write to : milena.jerman@luka-kp.si  and/or sales.koper@easyfresh-logistics.com


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