“No single person can do everything. No tool can do anything without a person!”

We are not numbers ! Why empathy is good for the transport business.

The future in the shipping and logistics industry is about empathy and skilled persons, not coding or numbers ! Technology, barcodes, QRs, etc and other innovations are TOOLs to develop business. Some of these are not helping to bridge the gap between humans, those being shippers, consignees or ouserlves as logisticians when dealing with them or with our suppliers in the cold chain.

But what about the ability to connect and do business ? Is empathy required to book cargo ? Let’s define it :

Empathy is the ability to detect and understand other people’s feelings.In a professional context, improving empathy can reduce stress, build more positive relationships, and even boost revenues.

Empathy, in fact, represents the antithesis of individualism, of abuse of power, and of disconnection among human beings – and these are the pillars of stressful environments filled with tension like any operations department in a shipping or logistics company.

However, our empathic capacities can be recruited and trained through constant practice, and become great resources for genuine and productive relationships. The best logistics managers balance analytical and emotional intelligence. In fact, in a global world with strong cultural differences ; there is only one solid and long term way forward to achieve success and results in business : Understanding each other, by sharing a world of difference.

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