“The primary task of a shipping line in turbulent times is to be a shipping line.”

The “bottle stopper” has been removed ; the Suez canal is operational. And now ?

Ever Given was finally refloated.  The Suez Canal Authority confirmed that the “stopper was taken off”. Efforts to dislodge Evergreen’s ship  from the Suez Canal were tremendous. Impact on media, too. Are we back to normal ?  This Suez episode has been somehow the straw that breaks the camel’s back !

On one hand, the vessels which had already been diverted to go around Africa are proceeding on their journeys as it will take a while before the queues in Suez are cleared and the canal is back to the normal flow of operations.

Congestion issues in Europe as the cargo arrives, blank sailings resulting from the severe delay and re-scheduling of many ships will remain, as well as a deterioration of the complex equipment situation. Expectedly, these significant effects will persist for a long time.

Moreover “ the game had changed during 2020 fundamentally—not because of coronavirus but because of how the carriers responded to the pandemic, by reducing capacity and service legs. Consequences of these actions and known additional workload by end of 2020 led to an extremely problematic first quarter of 2021. Prections state that outlook will remain fuzzy during the upccoming months.

Therefore EASYFRESH recommends all our customers involved (with reefer cargo affected or upcoming bookings), to approach the nearest EASYFRESH office or to write to helpdesk@easyfresh-logistics.com  for advice.

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