“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”

The Easyfresh Code of Conduct: Our Values. Our Responsibility.

At Easyfresh, our vision is to offer all realistic transport modes and its combinations to our customers, under temperature controlled environment globally. And this by creating sustainable economic, social and environmental value. We are a reliable, innovative and dynamic business partner that aims to provide the highest quality business solutions.

We seek to create strong and long term relationships with our customers and suppliers, fostering partnerships and open dialogue. We conduct our operations and business around the world in a responsible way guided by our Corporate Values that help us fulfill our purpose and achieve our vision.  These values, which we embrace on our daily work, reflect who we are, what  we do, what we expect of ourselves and each other. Cited values are linked to our success factors and to our unique mission :
We strictly observe the law. We walk the talk and honor our word.
We strive to optimize our output through business intelligence, talent and experience.
We don’t give up. We are dedicated to learning new ways to fulfill our strategy.
We care for and hold in deep regard the safety and well-being of all our respective stakeholders.
We hold ourselves to strict standards. We take action and are results-oriented.

The 8 Easyfresh Success factors :





Unique Operation




Our Mission : 
Our Mission is to supply integrated logistics solutions for perishable cargo  globally. 
Which leads us to be ; “the only world’s global, neutral & dedicated reefer logistics suppliers”

Compliance with the Code
Scope of the Code
Our Code applies to all Easyfresh Network Members and is part of our Easyfresh Service Manual. We also expect our contractors, suppliers and other business partners who work on our behalf, to uphold the principles and standards of our Code.

Respect for Law
At Easyfresh we conduct our business in a responsible way, with high ethical standards and furthering the goal of sustainable development. We aim to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and to respect international norms of behavior.

Respect for People
We treat people fairly, with dignity and respect, recognizing that the consideration towards all our colleagues is key for business excellence. 

Respect for respective stakeholders and business partners
At Easyfresh we earn the trust of our respective stakeholders and protect  our reputation through ethical behavior and proper governance. We seek  an open and honest dialogue with key stakeholders and maintain high standards of honesty and integrity.

Respect for respective stakeholders and business partners
Conflict of Interest
Easyfresh team members are required to do business ethically and with integrity. This includes conducting business transactions with the best interests of Easyfresh at heart. This will allow everybody to avoid any situation that may involve a conflict between their personal interest and the interests of the organization. 

Respect for Society and the Environment
At Easyfresh we are accountable for the impact of our decisions and activities on society, the economy and the environment. We take steps to lessen our environmental impact and strive to make a positive difference in the communities where we work and live. We aim to be transparent  about our business to foster constructive relationships.

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