“I’m a Berliner. And you? “


Berlin is not only the capital of Germany and an amazing city. Berlin is likewise the world’s capital for fruits and vegetables, thanks to Fruit Logistica. Those who have attended in previous editions know perfectly about the impact and intense activities surrounding this magnificient event.

This unique trade fair will benefit again from the global steady growth of the fresh produce trade. Moreover fruits and vegetables sales in niches areas grow as consumers persist in seeking flavors from around the world. The increases in disposable personal income in most parts of the globe will support purchases of premium fruit, including  non-GMO and  organic. Besides strategies focusing on health and the delicious taste of the fresh fruit is helping the business to expand.

On top of that, the consolidated containier shipping scenario, reducing ports of call, given the bigger sized vessels is creating tremendous logistics challenges globally. Easyfresh, world’s only specialised, dedicated, global reefer 3PLs is dealing with this complexity constantly. Berlin Fruit Logistica, the Easyfresh yearly Conference and the intense programme organized around it, will be a great opportunity to discuss and channel all these issues and remarkably those related to the food retail market dynamics, theme for our Easyfresh Berlin conference.

In fact, grocery retail markets are undergoing a revolution all over. Their suppliers and themselves will be present in Berlin, all of them being existing and potential customers of Easyfresh. The polarity of maintaining market shares and tight margins are putting high pressure on the logistics solutions from crop to shelf. Flexibility, creativity and collaboration in the logistics solutions shall be key watchwords in 2019 and onwards.  The Easyfresh team will deal with these issues during a challenging week in Berlin.


Source : www.easyfresh-logistics.com / Meet us in Berlin ; write to helpdesk@easyfresh-logistics.com

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