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Growing via symbiosis of partnerships & alliances

Easyfresh is proud to foster a collaborative ecosystem with the best-in-class industry leaders and related entities to jointly develop innovative and responsive logistics solutions for our clients.

As a matter of fact, our alliance partners complement Easyfresh business concept and knowledge to create solutions that solve specific market challenges, enabling customers to scale and accelerate their transformation. Likewise we improve and extend our business portfolio and products.

We have ongoing strategic alliances and understandings with reputed names like Luka Koper (Slovenia), Plymouth University (UK); Logistik.NRW (Germany), Moerdijk port (The Netherlands), Red Logistica Andaluza-Algeciras (Spain), IVACE (Spain), Spanish Agriculture Ministry – Magrama (Spain), Bama (Norway), IADRL (Spain), JDFresh (China), Infinity (India), Emden Port (Germany), Dunkerque port (France), Ekol (Turkey), SCNF/VIIA (France) and many others.

Managing Partnerships and Strategic Alliances equips Easyfresh and our partner’s executives with a deep understanding of the strategic purpose and value of partnerships and alliances.

Subsequently at Easyfresh, strategic alliances are central to our goal of helping clients achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Our alliance ecosystem is designed with a global view and to help address today’s top issues, trends and priorities such as the mobile economy, regulatory change, bottle-necks in infrastructures, shipping lines consolidation, etc …. We combine our deep business reefer industry know-how and ample logistics experience with professionals who are trained and certified by our alliance partners, enabling us to deliver wide-ranging solutions across multiple platforms.

Apply to be an Easyfresh Strategic Alliance partner ( helpdesk@easyfresh-logistcis.com ) !

We’ll seriously study the case if ,firstly our customers and, secondly, your organization and Easyfresh may benefit from it (“symbiosis”)