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New Easyfresh logistics hotspot in Moerdijk (NL) will connect with 220 countries and territories worldwide

FrigoBreda (Easyfresh co-owners) is currently working hard on the construction of a coldstore in the port of Moerdijk. The distribution centre will be equipped with a veterinary inspection point

The organization takes care of the complete handling of container loads. Easyfresh/Frigo manages the whole process - by sea, rail or road. Erik Janse, Business Development Director: "With our own fleet of 45ft reefer containers and a worldwide network of partners (Easyfresh has own offices or specialised representatives in 220 countries and territories globally), we take care of the whole process from door-to-door. This way, we can always offer the best suitable solution for our customer". The aim is to always transport as little by road as possible. "Sixty percent of the cargo travels by short sea and rail out of our six distribution centres in Breda and Etten-Leur. The most important question for us is: ‘when needs the cargo to arrive?' - then we adjust our logistics plan accordingly. We take a look at each shipment and think about how we can make a difference. We want to make sure we take as many kilometres off the road as possible, but of course, the degree of speed of transportation must never suffer".

-60 degrees below zero

The goods that are shipped via the Easyfresh containers, travel to Turkey and Ireland, and everything in between. The various temperatures in which the goods can be transported, are from -25 to +15 degrees. Products vary from meat, fish, pizza to chips, frozen vegetables, wine, olive oil and canned food. In the new warehouse that is now being built, it's even possible to store frozen tuna at -60 degrees.

More than doubling of pallet spaces

Easyfresh/Frigo aims to complete the first phase of the new distribution centre this August. The current distribution centres in Breda and Etten-Leur have 35,000 pallet spaces. The new warehouse in Moerdijk will eventually accommodate 72,000 pallets.

Unloading at the own quay

The new distribution centre has several cells, allowing all goods to be stored at any temperature. "Its location on the water is unique. Because Moerdijk is a seaport, all import traffic from - for example - South America and Asia can be booked directly to BL Moerdijk. Trucking from Rotterdam is no longer necessary for the goods coming to us. Goods can be discharged directly at our own three-hundred-metre quay. In this way, we are making enormous savings in kilometres on the A15 and A16 highways".

Veterinary products inspection point 

Discharging in Rotterdam will become unnecessary thanks to the inspection point in the new Frigo Moerdijk distribution centre. Easyfresh/Frigo Moerdijk will deliver the documents and veterinarian checks for imported goods such as fish and meat entering the European Union. Janse: "Partly also regarding Brexit, this is a big step forward, as Moerdijk has direct sailings from and to the UK. The inspection point will be staffed by NVWA employees and will be public.

Lean and Green star

2020 brought even more good news for FrigoBreda. The company was awarded the Lean & Green star. All existing cold stores and cold stores switched from grey to green, the power comes from wind turbines. "This results in an enormous reduction of CO2 emissions. We are constantly doing research and we explore possibilities to make improvements for a better environment. Our goal for the future is to aim for such improvement, that we are eligible for a second and maybe even a third star".

Unique port position 

With the construction of the distribution centre, Frigo wants to bring as much inland shipping as possible directly to Moerdijk. In this way, they remove as many containers from the road as possible. "We really are creating a logistics hub in Moerdijk. We are easing the market by storing and inspecting goods in Moerdijk. From here, we can send it anywhere in the world. Moerdijk has a unique port position in our country and we will soon be making optimal use of that position". In addition to Easyfresh/Frigo's new location, Moerdijk already has excellent short-sea and rail connections to the UK, 

Source : Regio in Bedrijf, NL


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