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Hot demand for chilled goods

Although technological innovation has already had a significant impact on reefer shipping, carriers, terminals and analysts agree that there is more potential for development

The latest annual analysis of the reefer market presented by the Dutch consultancy Dynamar confirmed the trend in 2019, the latest year analysed. A global appetite for selected special food products boosted the reefer market.

The provisional figures in Dynamar's ‘Reefer Analysis 2020', its eleventh annual analysis of the market, have revealed that the global volume of refrigerated trade reached a new high of 169.2 million t in 2019. The segment grew by a little less than 2% year-on-year (from 166.5 million t in 2018).

Dynamar has estimated that the total volume of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy carried in refrigerated units by sea (excluding pharmaceutical products, flowers and other commodities) came to approximately 121.5 million t, a rise of 2%. This growth was nevertheless below the long-time average, however, due to extreme weather conditions in parts of the world in 2019.




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