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Interview with Rainier Wolsleger, MD Easyfresh Iberia

"Her sails are full, though the wind is still, / And there blows not a breath her sails to fill", the Irish writer Thomas Moore wrote about the "Flying Dutchman". Rainier Wolsleger, MD for Easyfresh Iberia SL , a Dutch who moved to Spain 2017, has been brilliantly implementing integrated logistics solutions for reputed food and grocery retailers, like Bama or top fresh produce distributors, like Total Produce. The pandemic, Brexit and other operational bottle-necks have not been obstacles to gain customers' trust while strongly increasing the company's turnover and value.

See full interview here; https://www.easyfresh-logistics.com/blog/?wysija-page=1&controller=email&action=view&email_id=18&user_id=0&wysijap=subscriptions


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