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The "cooling and freezing cluster" in Moerdijk continues to expand

VDH has been working on large volumes handling of refrigerated goods for some time and will start a new packaging facility in Moerdijk at the end of this year. Likewise Frigo Warehousing (co-owners Easyfresh), will soon start building its own reefer terminal in the port of Moerdijk with an official inspection point.

Erik Janse of Frigo Warehousing and Martijn Heestermans of VDH certainly do not put their ambitions in the fridge. Heestermans owns logistics service provider VDH, which stores fresh fruits in their cold stores. Erik Janse is a Business Development Director of Frigo Warehousing, specialized in fresh and frozen logistics. Frigo provides about 1500 transports per month throughout Europe by sea, rail and road. The company is building its own refrigeration terminal in the port of Moerdijk, on a land of almost 6 hectares with its own quay of 300 meters.

Moerdijk´s strenght

Frigo's cold store will soon be built in Moerdijk. The company is now waiting for the final permits. Janse expects the piling work to start at the end of this month. "By the end of the year it should be operational with a cell or two." According to Janse, the final step will be in May next year. ‘Then the capacity must consist of 42,000 pallet places. In the next phase there should be 72,000 pallet places.' When the second phase starts, according to Janse, it depends on the market and this can take a year to three years.

According to Heestermans, the turning circle, from seagoing vessels to inland shipping and trains, is Moerdijk's strength. "If a company wants to transport 25 containers of pineapple, five can be transported by road and twenty by inland shipping. "Moerdijk is ideally located for the deliveries to the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France." Heestermans is converting a dry warehouse into a cooling warehouse for the new packing department, which will also create several thousand extra storage spaces for pallets. In Moerdijk, VDH has grown rapidly in recent times. In 2013, VDH still had one hall of 20,000 square meters. Now the counter stands at about 150,000 square meters.

Port Authority Role

Heestermans says that the connection between the Moerdijk Port Authority and large retailers is important for the development of the port area. ‘The port authority also helps to promote the business climate in Moerdijk by, for example, highlighting the intermodal strength of Port of Moerdijk. This makes it easier for logistics service providers to sell their services in the market.'

Inspection point

According to Heestermans, barging is an important development in Moerdijk. ‘There is already talk of large-scale inland waterway transport by barge to Combined Cargo Terminals and Delta Marine Terminal.' According to Heestermans, the reefers are still very much in development, ‘but there is an upward trend and more and more is possible. The more parties with reefers in the area, the more we can bundle with each other. That is positive for the amount of containers that can be brought to Moerdijk."

In addition, Janse tells about the arrival of an External Border Inspection Point (BIP) of the NVWA on the Frigo site. Containers with goods can therefore be officially inspected in Moerdijk around May next year. By then, the future terminal of Frigo will be one of the few inland terminals where this is possible and allowed. Moerdijk is a first port of entry for some European scheduled services, such as connections to the UK and Norway.

Container Identification

Another development that plays a role is DALI, a testing ground for raising data firing in the logistics sector in the south of the Netherlands to a higher level. It focuses on the development of smart logistics: devising, developing and applying new logistics methods. For example, there is now a camera at the entrance of the Moerdijk harbor area. In the long term, this project offers Frigo advantages in the prediction of the operation for the terminal, such as container identification and thus pre-registrations with the operators at the terminal and the warehouse. "For example, a driver who arrives can automatically be granted access to the terminal and warehouse."

Multimodal Opportunities

Both VDH and Frigo focus on multimodality. For Janse, the multimodal advantages of Moerdijk is one of the main reasons why the company is located here. "We transport quite a lot of containers to Ireland and via direct connections to England and Norway." Janse is busy setting up a direct connection to Ireland, from their own quay. According to Janse, the speed of intermodal solutions is a lot closer to traditional road transport. "That makes the intermodal solution interesting. Especially if the price is also lower. The green aspect is very important in this regard."

Janse now rarely sees reefers on the trains. According to him, there are still opportunities for Moerdijk in this area in the future. "As soon as we can plug in to the trains, a whole world will open up in the hinterland." The freights from Heestermans that arrive in Moerdijk by truck are often further transported by ship or train. "Moerdijk is ideally located for multimodal transport." There are more and more direct connections in Moerdijk, by ship or by train, to Italy, Norway, Spain and Germany. According to Heestermans, this makes Moerdijk as a port increasingly interesting.

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Source; Port of Moerdijk & https://www.nt.nl


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