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Frigo Warehousing (co-owners Easyfresh) receives Lean and Green certificate

We are glad to announce, that Frigo Warehousing (co-owners Easyfresh) received the Lean & Green certificate.

Lean & Green is the leading CO2 reduction program in which both shippers and companies active in logistics services can participate. The aim of the program is to structurally reduce CO2 emissions in logistics by activating collaborations, sharing knowledge and deploying smart and effective measures. Lean & Green helps to sustainable solutions and efficient logistics processes.

Frigo Warehousing is now a certified member of the Lean & Green programm, which allows to add value to already existing warehousing services. Lean & Green consists of more than 500 participants from 9 countries in Europe. All frontrunners in logistics who work together in various ways on the mission to 0% CO2 emissions, particularly through sustainable mobility.

For more info, please contact sales.frigobreda@easyfresh-logistics.com



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