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Fruit Logistica ready for much-awaited return

Eurofruit speaks to Madlen Miserius about the international exhibition’s planned return in February 2022

Madlen, what is the current status of registrations?

Madlen Miserius: Registrations have only been open for a month and we're extremely happy with the current status. Even compared to the old days, the figures are very promising indeed. We will see what the next few months will bring, but it's clear that there is very strong demand for Fruit Logistica in February 2022.

Will Fruit Logistica 2022 be a global fair, or do you expect the focus be more on Europe due to the pandemic?

MM: It won't come as surprise to read that we reckon Fruit Logistica 2022 will be rather more European in profile compared to previous years. But as always exhibitors from everywhere are very welcome to join and we already have exhibitors who are signing up from outside Europe. They come from Latin America, Africa, as well as Asia. We cross our fingers that the circumstances will allow them to join next February too.

Messe Berlin's new CEO Martin Ecknig has talked a lot about the idea of ‘Messe Plus', which means to say a physical event with additional elements. Is this the concept that Fruit Logistica will pursue for 2022 and beyond?

MM: Yes, that's right, in fact for Fruit Logistica 2022 we've conducted a survey of exhibitors and trade visitors to understand better which digital features are most important for them. And so based on this survey we are now working on a number of digital components that will be part of our show in 2022. Then at the same time we will work on those digital features that work well in practice so that we can develop them for future editions of Fruit Logistica.

To what extent has the progress of vaccination campaigns in Europe and other parts of the world also improved the conditions for Fruit Logistica 2022?

MM: Vaccination has a huge impact on what is possible. Of course, checks and controls will be in place at borders, but we are positive that international travel as such can happen. And with the progress of vaccination campaigns around the world we can also create a system which allows only those who are fully vaccinated, have recovered from Coronavirus, or who are tested, to enter Fruit Logistica. With this kind of ‘firewall' in place, we believe we can create the best conditions for a proper trade show in the halls.

Do you expect on-site testing to play a role next February? What other measures can we expect?

MM: If someone cannot provide a valid test certificate then we will provide on-site testing. But we expect it to play a minor role, given that vaccination campaigns will have made even further progress by then.

Even if most companies have missed face-to-face meetings, they have also enjoyed continued success without trade fairs over the past year. Will you need to do something more to convince them to come back to trade fairs?

MM: The very clear feedback we have got from our customers is that they want to meet again and they want to meet face to face. So our total focus now is how to provide the perfect conditions for such meetings to happen.

What else are you doing to encourage exhibitors to take part in Fruit Logistica 2022?

MM: Only the other day I was in touch with an organiser who wants to bring together a number of exhibitors at Fruit Logistica 2022. And what he plans to do confirms the information that we have, namely that fresh produce businesses understand how the conditions for trade shows are changing, but they remain very eager to be present at our trade show to be able to present themselves and to make business contacts.

Our recent event World Of Fresh Ideas, which Fruit Logistica supported, was a big success. In which other ways are you flying the flag for Fruit Logistica through to February 2022?

MM: World of Fresh Ideas was a great way to bring people in the business together. Our main focus now is how to create a perfect platform for the business to meet next February in Berlin. My team is working to create a memorable Fruit Logistica in February 2022. And in the meantime we will be flying the flag far and wide, for example at the Asiafruit Congress which takes place online at the end of September.

Source; Fruitnet

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