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Easyfresh accepting bitcoin and other cryptos!

We in Easyfresh are ready for the changes now!

An increasing number of companies worldwide are using cryptocurrency for the operational and transactional purposes.

It's all started when MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor first publicly endorsed Bitcoin in 1989. Saylor coming out and publicly ringing the alarm of crypto and even calling it "superior to cash" indeed raised some eyebrows among institutions and created a snowball effect. Making cross-border transactions is not near as much of a burden as the fees for changing the currency. With cryptocurrency, instant transactions across borders with minimal-to-no fees are now a reality. Since Bitcoin transactions are public, all parties can view the transaction details and immediately know the status.

The world is changing. We in Easyfresh are ready for the changes now! We can operate in cryptos with our new account.

If you are interested in securing your payments with Easyfresh HO in bitcoin or other cryptos, please contact helpdesk@easyfresh-logistics.com


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