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Frigo multimodal coldstore in Moerdijk opened

Last Saturday, Frigo Warehousing celebrated the opening of its new warehouse in Moerdijk.

Last Saturday, Frigo Warehousing celebrated the opening of its new warehouse in Moerdijk. Frigo offers storage solutions, among other services while co-owned EasyFresh offers seafreight and "other end" specialized reefer logistics. This makes the group a genuine service provider, offering global solutions from producers to end consumers. Likewise, the forwarding division handles groupage and distribution. Products arrive in the Netherlands and are then transported worldwide. In cooperation with trustworthy long-term partners, this can be done by truck, train and ship. Frigo operates a fleet of 250 x 45ft refrigerated containers, which are used for short sea transport between ports in Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Scandinavia. The Moerdijk site has its own 300-metre quay, which fits seamlessly into the overall operations.

Easyfresh Logistics
Frigo co-owns Easyfresh Logistics, which has offices in Valencia, Spain, Santiago and Puerto Mont in Chile, Dublin, Ireland and Breda, Netherlands. The company provides deep-sea reefer transportation and has a direct link connecting Rotterdam and Brazil. Easyfresh has a network of 126 agencies in more than 220 countries and territories, whose knowledge of the local market and regulations is crucial for the smooth operation of transport anywhere in the world.

In Breda, Frigo operates three warehouses, with a combined capacity of around 90,000 pallet spaces across both Breda and Moerdijk facilities. Throughout its history, Frigo has evolved from a cold storage provider founded by the Van Elderen family in 2000, to a value-added, temperature-controlled food logistics company. Frigo is now part of the CubeCold Group, but its second generation of family members are actively involved in the business.

Own 300-metre quay
The recently established facility features a 300-meter quay with a draft of 9 meters. Functioning as a logistics service provider, the company presents a comprehensive cold storage solution catering to ambient, chilled, and frozen products, maintaining temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius. The company's dedication to top-notch services is in harmony with its growth-oriented strategy. Ship arrivals can be efficiently transported inland through trucks or rail from the Moerdijk site. Additionally, Frigo stands ready to provide supplementary services like packing and repackaging.

In the new facility, a Border Inspection Point (BIP) has been established. This is where all products undergo inspection, and customs formalities are managed. The NVWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) has the option to have its own office here, and discussions are ongoing to expedite its utilization of this space. "The ball is in NVWA's court," stated Ewoud van Elderen. The BIP features two spacious temperature-controlled inspection rooms, three docks, and a freezing and cooling quarantine cell.

The Moerdijk location has 50,000 mobile pallet spaces, with 90% currently dedicated to frozen storage and the remaining 10% allocated for refridgerated or ambient storage. Within the fruits and vegetables business, the cells are presently stocked with juices, fruit pulp, peeled onions (from China), onion rings and garlic.

The aim is to handle an increasing variety of organic or conventional products. The company holds SKAL certification, which is the organic control authority in the Netherlands. The new, multi-functional building is fully equipped to swiftly provide several services including packing, repacking, cross-docking, labelling, order picking and third-party fruit inspection. The company is prepared to invest in the necessary machinery to achieve all this after consultation with new and existing customers.

In a move to enhance services related to fruits and vegetables, a 4,500 m2 mezzanine floor has been established, capable of accommodating 4,000 pallets at a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. Plans for the coming year include enabling cooling (+5) and freezing (-20) on this floor. The mezzanine is engineered to support the same weight capacity (3.5 tonnes per m2) as the subfloor, allowing for the stacking of up to three pallets. To facilitate the transfer of pallets to the mezzanine, four lifts with a 5-tonne lifting capacity each have been implemented. The expedition area, ranging from 0 to 5 degrees, features a two-shell airlock, creating a buffer zone between the docks and the internal rolling doors of the cooled area. This setup effectively minimizes temperature loss during the transition from outside to inside.

"The newly constructed cold store closes a gap and makes the company future-proof." Frigo harbors a strategic ambition to achieve comprehensive sustainability, with a particular emphasis on obtaining approval for the installation of a wind turbine-a pivotal step towards attaining a fully 'green' status.

Comentamos its sustainability journey, the implementation of solar panels has successfully addressed 30% of the total energy needs, accompanied by the utilization of surplus heat. However, to realize the remaining 70% for complete energy self-sufficiency, the company awaits the necessary permit from the Moerdijk municipality.

Facts & Figures:
• 3 sections: frozen, chilled, and ambient
• 1 cell +5 degrees Celsius 1500 pallets
• 1 cell 0 degrees Celsius for 1000 pallets
• 6 cells from -18 to -25 degrees Celsius for 43000 pallets
• Mezzanine floor from +15 to +18 degrees Celsius for 4000 pallets (anticipated by mid-2024)
• 300-meter quay/9-meter draft with port facilities
• 24 loading and unloading docks
• 250 reefer containers of 45ft./33 pallets
• 1 Border Inspection Point (BIP)
• Emergency power generator
• 6312 solar panels on the roof
• 4 cargo lifts of 5 tons

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