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Frigo multimodal coldstore in Moerdijk

New construction at the 3rd largest seaport in the Netherlands

With the establishment of a state-of-the-art cold storage and deep-freeze warehouse in Moerdijk, Frigo is achieving a substantial increase in storage and transshipment capabilities along the waterfront, seamlessly linked to road and rail networks. Founder Reinier van Elderen emphasizes the significance of this location as an exceptional logistics hub, designed to minimize the Total Cost of Logistics for customers and contribute to a reduction in CO? emissions by streamlining transportation. Van Elderen underscores the critical role of reliable refrigeration units in the core operations, expressing confidence in "Koudeservice Nederland". He notes a longstanding relationship with Pim Nettinga, affirming his trust in Nettinga and his team's unwavering support.

New construction at the 3rd largest seaport in the Netherlands
Frigo's new main facility aims to meet the increased demand for storage and transhipment of chilled and frozen products. Frigo has its own 300-metre quay in Moerdijk with direct short-sea connections to England, Spain and Scandinavia, among others. This port location has a capacity of 47,500 pallets, divided into six large freezer cells of 2,440 m² each, a number of smaller cold stores and refrigerated units. The premises will also house an External Border Inspection Point of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, so that imported goods such as fish and meat can be inspected in Moerdijk.


Energy efficiency

Reinier acknowledges, "A structure of this magnitude consumes a substantial amount of energy." He highlights the critical need for optimal environmental conditions to maintain a viable business model. Consequently, the building is very well insulated, complemented by a self-sufficiency approach through 6,310 solar panels on the coldstore's roof. A strategic measure involves incorporating a wall in the dispatch area, near the dock access, serving as an additional thermal barrier to minimize heat loss.  Resourcefulness extends to utilizing residual heat from refrigeration units to warm offices and the underfloor heating beneath freezer cells. To enhance efficiency, "Koudeservice Nederland" has implemented an Energy Management System. This system facilitates seamless transitions between diverse energy sources-solar panels, the grid, and a generator-resulting in optimal energy utilization and minimized costs. Reinier expresses aspirations for achieving energy neutrality by integrating a wind turbine on the premises, pending approval in the current application process.

 Flexible cooling system with ammonia

Originally, Frigo had considered implementing a full CO? installation, but that proved impractical both in terms of energy efficiency and cost. Reinier explains, "Together with Koudeservice Nederland, we collaborated on the design of the cold installation, opting for a system powered by the natural refrigerant ammonia. By initiating this process early on, Koudeservice Nederland could order parts in a timely manner, helping us manage costs and prevent delays. Additionally, the installation was intentionally oversized to provide flexibility for the future."  Taking on the responsibility for the entire process, "Koudeservice Nederland" handled the engineering, execution, delivery, and commissioning of the complete installation. Reinier acknowledges the effective collaboration, stating, "Pim and I share a common understanding. Koudeservice Nederland are flexible, keep their commitment, and, with Pim at the helm, they possess expertise ranging from refrigeration engineering to electrical engineering. Their back office ensures that all necessary official documentation for the logbook and inspection authorities is in order. We've had a productive partnership for years, and I look forward to continued collaboration."

Free translation. Source; https://www.koudeservicenederland.nl/projecten/frigo-warehousing-moerdijk/

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